What is PeeDB.net

PeeDB.net is a big database of videos related to urophilia.

Most (adult) video sharing websites lack a proper classification & search system. Nothing unusual there. Also, people like to share clips without losing hours to fill detailled metadata.

Because of this, I built my own database of links and metadata that I add myself after having seen the content. This website is a search engine built on top of this database, where you will find links to popular video sharing platforms in a neatly ordered interface.

Given it is a personal project, the actual content available here will be related to my own interests. That is, you will mostly find videos of women peeing of pooping, as it is what I look for the most on the internet.

You may be interested by the Inner workings of the system or the Security mesures in place.

Check the blog for project status and updates !

Who's behind this ?

You can call me the Indexer. I'm an inhabitant of the internet, and if you've found this website, we probably share interests.

I like to keep things ordered, so I built a large database with all my favourite piss clips found on the internet. And now I make it public so anyone can use it !

There are no regular updates planned at the moment; I update it in my free time. Any feedback is welcome, please write me at [email protected].

If you are into cryptography, you can find my PGP key at https://keybase.io/peedb (there is also a DNS proof you can use to verify that this PGP key is owned by the operator of peedb.net). Feel free to send me encrypted stuff, we never know.