Behind the scenes

Want to know how I maintain this website or how it is built ? You've come to the right place !

Frontend: is powered by a Laravel PHP application. MongoDB is the database engine used for the search. Accounts and all user-generated content is stored in a MySQL database.

The website is hosted on a VPS somewhere in Europe and protected with Cloudflare.


Of course, there is a larger application behind that powers the front-end website.

First thing I want to make clear: nothing is automated. I use a lot of tools to help me, but nothing runs on its own. I am really careful not to make excessive use of the resources of the sources websites I visit. At worst I have the profile of a very addicted visitor, nothing more.

Now, how it works. The backend is a web application too, but it only runs on my own computer. This is a PHP-based application that use MySQL as a database.

I developped custom browser plugins that load when I visit the websites I want to index, and automatically fills the informations from the current page into my backend forms. It also extracts thumbnails from the video displayed on the page.

All the collections management is done by hand through that backend.

A script takes care of exporting the data from the backend and publish it online on your side.

There's more

I might write more on the inner working of my system in the future. Stay tuned !

You may also contact me to talk about it.