Nothing is ever secure enough, but I am commited to make this website as secure and anonymous as possible for you, visitor.

Here's an overview of what I do to achieve it:


You should only visit my website with the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome (respectively, their mobile version). Avoid Internet Explorer at all costs, as it lacks a lot of the fundamental security features I use here.

Using Private Browsing or deleting your cookies regularely may be good practice too to make sure nobody follows you on the internet (not only me !).


The website can only be accessed through HTTPS. This means:

  • If you see the lock in your browser bar, you know you are really connected to my website and not some malware-filled phishing copy
  • Your ISP cannot know which pages you consult on my website
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security makes sure your connection cannot be downgraded back to HTTP


  • Sadly your ISP can still know you visited, due to the way requests work
  • All the HTTPS traffic is decrypted by Cloudflare before being re-encrypted to my origin server. This means they can see which pages you visit. But that's part of the service they offer. Read more on the tech stack I use here


When you leave my website (through one of the play links for example), the current url will not be transmitted. This makes use of a recent referrer-policy technology.

This means the website will not know what request you made on PeeDB.

It will still indicate that you came from I could disable that entirely but I need the source website to know you came from here to grow PeeDB's recognition.

What I still collect

As I just started the website, I need to collect information on the way you use it. This means I may collect:

  • Your IP address
  • Your user agent
  • The pages you visited
  • The searches you performed
  • The links you clicked

This data will be anonymized and stored along with a unique token identifying your visit.

Concerns ?

Fell free to contact me if you have concerns or suggestions to improve the website.