DMCA Requests

Things to know

You are the right owner of some videos on our search platform ? Here's what you should know:

No video stored here

We are pretty much like Google but for piss clips, we only store links to external video providers along with useful metadata.

If you found an illegal video linked here, you should contact the third-party platform to ask for removal. When we find out a video has been deleted on the third-party website, we mark it as dead and no longer offer it to our users

Official links are always at the top

We only link illegal copies of your content ? Or we do not offer you content at all ?

We certainely do not try to promote illegal content. Follow the steps above to get it removed.

The official link to your content is missing or broken ? This is sad ! Just send us the official (free or paid) links to your content and we'll add it to our index as soon as possible.

If you have other videos not in our index, simply send us the link to your website where we can find all your content. We'll be happy to browse through it and add everything to our index so people can find you more easily.

We will always put official links at the top of the sources list.

Sometimes people publish cropped versions of your videos on third-party website and we fail to correctly identify the official source. Just provide an official link and we'll fix attributions.


We extract low-quality thumbnails from your videos to provide better user experience on our website.

We're very sorry if that's not okay for you. You can simply ask for a specific or all thumbnails to be removed.

If you have official, high quality thumbnails for your videos, we are happy to switch ours with yours :)

Send a request

If what you want to delete is really hosted by us, send a message to [email protected] with your request. Please include URLs to the content you want removed as well as official URLs to your content so we can verify it is really yours (not necessary if your content is clearly watermarked on the copy we host).